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An Englishman, a Frenchman, a Spaniard and a German are all standing watching a street performer do some excellent juggling. The juggler notices that the four gentlemen have a very poor view, so he stands up on a large wooden box and calls out, “Can you all see me now?”



Took me about ten minutes to finally understand this

stupidest/most awesome joke ever


oil studies from life. Myself and the other students of Studio Escalier, France

dudes, lincoln uni just sent me a free hoodie cause I made them my first choice, how ace is that?!? :D

Alternate Titles for The Great Gatsby



  • Nick Carraway Trying to Deal With The West Egg’s Shit
  • Tom is the Douchiest Douche That Ever Douched 
  • Art Deco 
  • The Original Title Isn’t Even Gatsby’s Real Name
  • Parties and Some Manslaughter

A summer of third wheeling




i wanna make a cartoon about a spanish pig who always questions things

it’ll be called por qué pig



guys this is the opening to the worst and best show ever. combine the 90s, power rangers, and weird perceptions on the medieval ages and you get this beauty.

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3:30am nd watching films




dash is named dash because he runs really fast

violet is named violet because ultraviolet rays are invisible to the human eye

so what’s jack jack’s name got to do with his power

jack of all trades because he has so many powers





joss whedon, noted feminist who fired charisma carpenter for daring to be pregnant

joss whedon, white cishet male who decides that he gets to define feminism and rebrand it to make it more appealing to himself, while also erasing the entire history of feminism and ignoring the existence of the term womanist

joss whedon, making a speech about feminism whose only mention of a female is to dismiss her entirely

joss whedon, deciding that the biggest problem with feminism is in its name and not its history of being racist, transphobic, and homophobic

joss whedon, lacking all self-awareness when twisting a brilliant junot diaz quote about poc representation to mean representation for white cis females

joss whedon, trying to equate sexism and racism while completely ignoring that woc exist and can experience both at the same time

joss whedon saying equality is important!!!!! but not casting a single asian person in his show grounded in the fusion of asian - western culture and also equating reavers (literally referring to them as the monsters of the story) with the apache

wait hold up, ignore all that, i should just be super grateful to joss “what is privilege and intersectionality?” whedon for having the courage to speak over women on a continuous basis

eta: now with links for all you asswipes who think i’m making this up solely to demonize your precious white cishet male hero (a lot of this shit is about his recent fucking terrible equality now speech)

joss whedon saying women are defined by not having a “peeny/balls” and the tries to pass it off as a joke, deletes the tweet, and completely fails to engage with trans issues when called out.

But It’s ok because buffy, right?

gross gross gross is it time to add to this post now?

  • the aforementioned tweet
  • everything in this post (warnings for talk of #rape at the link)
  • changing a character (who he did not create) that was very, very firmly established as genderqueer and writing some “but they’re really female” bullshit
  • casting a white, blonde woman to play a jewish/romani character
  • casting (surprise!) a white woman to play an ethnically ambiguous character
  • pretty much every interaction between mal and inara, in which he calls her a whore constantly, but it’s okay because he ~loves~ her
  • complete erasure of bisexuality, because apparently, willow’s previous relationships with men (oz, for one) do not matter because "hello! gay now!" and that entire “him” episode
  • being incredibly proud of himself for the “mewling quim” line in the avengers because what we really, really needed in the world was for yet another gendered insult to enter back into cultural consciousness
  • there is an endless amount of shit i could list

basically, joss whedon remains a huge fucking asshole who refuses to learn (and shuts down anybody who tries to educate him) and how many more racist, sexist, transphobic, all around shitty comments does he have to make before people stop idolizing him and defending his every move?

on the one hand, correct. on the other, seems to be some misunderstanding.

some of these are very valid and true points, while being recognized a big advocate for feminism the man is incredibly problematic.

some of these however seem to lack strong evidence or recognize context and solely blame whedon for things that aren’t just his doing or real reasoning.

I’m not saying this post is wrong, I’m glad someone is highlighting his massive flaws that are awful seeing as he’s praised so much for being a ‘feminist writer’, but I just think quite some of this issues raised are not necessarily false just very poorly educated and researched