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oh my god jon

may also include a cameo of a villainy vampire hunter who van helsing-esque and is actually just a ‘nice guy’ who is angry that she ‘friendzoned’ him to which she kills him…idk I’m sproating ideas left right but not center, I dunno what type of movie this is gonna be but it will be one

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Eugene Mirman

think I’m gonna write crap rom-com movie about a lady vampire who has trouble dating and finding another vampiric partner to live the rest of eternity with…and if one day in the distant distant future I actually direct the movie, I will use all my power to make sure the trailer doesn’t have a corny american narrator using the phrase ‘dating sucks' or 'the stakes have never been higher’ 


My newest addition. The time vortex with a white Gallifreyan overlay that translates to “Be Extraordinary.”


Hannibal: the Musical at SDCC

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